Training & Apprenticeships

Lilly-Grace aims to provide every learner with an excellent experience, which is enjoyable, rewarding and enables the learner to reach full potential.
We care about our learners, employers and staff and want them to feel safe and supported throughout their journey. We are confident that this aim is reached as all our staff are friendly, welcoming, active and vibrant and they hold lengthily experience. We take safeguarding very seriously and go above and beyond our statutory rights.

Our Aims;

  • Helping learners become confident, independent, self-reliant and happy
  • That all learners feel safe and supported
  • Ensure our staff are friendly, welcoming and trustworthy as well as being fully professional
  • We will continue to develop so we are creative, challenging and relevant
  • We continue to forge close relationships with learners, other providers, employers and local charities


  • Provide exciting, high quality and holistic training
  • Demonstrate excellence
  • Builds leaders for a sustainable future
  • Create a positive, safe and nurturing environment
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