Catherine Brown – Energy Recruitment Expert

Having worked in sales most of my professional life, I am someone you can truly trust when it comes to finding the right person to fit your role.

I was told by my teachers when leaving school, that I would never be successful. It was my aim, from that day on, to prove everyone wrong. Starting out on minimum wage in a local call centre, I soon moved on to work for the NHS. I found myself (for one reason or another) taking various different career paths over the early years of my working-life. However, over the last 3 years I have grown in strength and resilience and I am now well-known throughout the UK for being one of the most successful, commercial sales recruiters to date.

I have a true passion for helping people — getting just as excited every time I find a candidate a new job, as I did the first. With that being said, I will go above and beyond to help candidates and clients alike.

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